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Thank you page: Why and how to make a thank you page? Check!

Do you run an online store? Then you know what a real fight for a client is! A wide range and high quality of service are one thing. You should also take care of a website that is aesthetic and interesting from the perspective of the recipient, which will be easy to navigate. This increases the chances that not only the most determined will throw the product into the basket. What else is important? Of course, the price, customer experience and the entire shopping path. What is its final stage? Thank you page! Is it worth making a thank you page? How to write a thank you note? We answer.

The advertising banners created with the heart and the campaigns promoting your online business have brought the intended effect. A potential customer entered the store’s website and decided to make a purchase. Not only that, the order has just been finalized! There is an explosion of happiness in our heads and fanfare in our ears.

Okay, it’s silent, but the imagination works. Everything is fine, but we feel unsatisfied, right? And our client? It’s just! What was missing? References on Thank you page! You may be surprised, but this game isn’t just about thanking you for your purchases …

Thank you page – what is it?

Simply put, it is a “summary” of successful user activity. It may be, for example, making a purchase, registration, downloading a free e-book, subscribing to a newsletter, or paying a subscription. After doing this, the client may (and should!) Be redirected to the thank you page. What will he find there? Of course, our expressions of gratitude, dressed in a tasty graphic form.

It’s also a great way to solidify your relationship. Make the user a loyal and brand-attached customer who will keep coming back to you. With a mutual pleasure. It pays off for everyone!

Thank’s for shopping. For what purpose?

The answer is short and not surprising. To tie the client to himself and persuade him to reactivate our website. However, we can list at least four other basic functions of thank you pages.

A. Image – a good word always included! As online checkout usually occurs without personal contact with the customer, an additional incentive is needed. A pleasant form of thanking you for your trust, appreciation of experience or interest in the assortment will make the user feel doubly satisfied with the choice made. In addition to thanking him, we give him confirmation that he chose a product from a proven contractor. The image of our company in his eyes is just reaching the heights! So is the feeling of the rightness of the decision made. It gets really nice, and that’s not all!

We can additionally surprise you with a bonus in the form of downloadable materials. Informations about company? A way to make the best use of the ordered goods? Interesting facts about the category? Catalog of other products? No holds barred!

B. Lead sourcing – the user has become your customer. He purchased the product, but … did he register and create an account? He left consent to send marketing information? If not – thank you page can change that! This is the perfect place to encourage him to sign up for a newsletter and stay in touch, for example. After all, one of our business goals is to constantly expand our base. This is the basis of the active fight for the growth of sales bars. It is also the key to the back door marked “remarketing” and one of the most effective tools in the field of SEO marketing. What’s the moral of that? Use the thank you page to mobilize inactive customers. Buying a product, subscribing to a YouTube channel, following your profile on social media … Choose!

C. Informational – it is about a neat summary of the order placed by the customer or informing him when he can expect a postman to knock on the door. If the conversion was related to downloading material or subscribing to a newsletter, we can point out the benefits of staying in touch or drawing on our knowledge resources. Was it about enrollment in training? Remind me when it starts moving!

D. Recommender – increasing range. Word of mouth marketing has great power! Encourage a satisfied customer to offer your product or service to their friends. You can reward his commitment to promoting the brand, for example, with a discount on subsequent purchases!

An example of thanks is presented below.

Effect? The most direct and also the most desirable one is simply to improve the result of visiting our website. In order to increase sales, we may additionally try to place a link on the thank you page that will help you place a re-order. We all respect our time and like convenient solutions. Such a procedure increases the chances of a repeat transaction!

Thank you for shopping – text not only on the website!

There are many ways to express gratitude! What does this mean when addressing the topic thank you page? That we do not have to direct our recipient only to the thanksgiving subpage.

We can, for example, send him an email. In addition to a good word, we include a link in it that will quickly transfer it to our company blog. Thanks to this, we will ensure each other clicks and treat the recipient with valuable content. Remember! There is nothing more valuable than education. Well, maybe not selling.

Your client wants to know, broaden their horizons and make appropriate use of the products they buy from you. Provide him with high-quality content and be sure that he will always feel unsatisfied with well-composed content.

Another idea would be to record a short VIDEO. This is a great way to:
– Let us know that the relationship that is being born is valuable for us.
– What are the benefits of staying connected.
– Inform you when the customer can expect the order to be processed.

For whom little, we will add some more proven ways to positively surprise the customer. When completing the order, let’s add a little surprise to the package. What could it be? For example, a discount coupon, product samples, a small gift, a personal thank you for an order placed, a review request, or a personalized package.

Thanks for shopping and… valuable feedback

We already know that thanking is powerful and can take many forms. At this point, we reveal what other benefits it brings to the thanking person.

We risk saying that it is priceless. It is about knowledge about our client’s purchasing experience. By sending him an e-mail with a pleasant text, we can additionally attach a survey or an active form. Thanks to them, we will find out how the user assessed the entire course of the transaction. Where he lost his way, what irritated him, or why he chose to trust in you. By receiving such feedback, you can improve the functioning of your store and make shopping even more enjoyable.

In addition, you can fight for a positive opinion, which will appear, for example, in a Google business card. Why is it so important? Because statistically one satisfied customer can bring another six to your business.

Do you know that… According to research conducted by, as many as 78% of customers check reviews about the store before making a purchase. As many as 70% of Internet users confirm that they trust the opinions of other Internet users!

Thank you page – sample thanks

Since we meet at this point, you are probably interested in creating a thank you page. How to write a thank you note? You will find the formula and commentary here.

When creating a page with thanks for shopping, it is worth focusing on a refined design that refers to the aesthetics of the entire website. For this unconventional idea and honest content that you really want to read. What should this message be? Quite short, but pithy. Otherwise, our client may “not get to the end” and ultimately not find out what the author meant.

In addition, before writing thank you for the purchases, let’s define the type of recipient. We communicate differently with young people than with the CEO of a large corporation. You feel the “slight” difference, right?

Thank you page – is it worth it? Summary

Have you ever heard the text: “Welcome back”? If you were a nice restaurant customer or a satisfied buyer of a new t-shirt, the waiter or salesman could say goodbye to you with just such a formula. How do I complete a transaction when we don’t meet face to face?

Thank you page is here to help. It is simply a thank you for the purchases, trust and time that the person visiting our website has given us. Thanks to this, we strengthen her positive feelings related to the transaction (regardless of whether it is a sale or a newsletter subscription). The thank you page can also be a valuable source of information for us on the evaluation of the entire operation in our store or the quality of the product offered. Thanks to it, we can conveniently ask for an opinion and invite you to use the offer again. Discount vouchers? Referral bonuses? This ties the customer to your brand. And it pays off.

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