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Brand Awareness – what is it?

Brand awareness is brand awareness, i.e. the recognition of a specific organization among the community. Many companies decide on marketing activities, the task of which is not to sell directly, but to advertise the logo, slogan and their service in the context of brand consistency. Thanks to this, the organization becomes much more recognizable, and this can lead to an increase in the number of conversions.

What is brand awareness?

What is brand awareness? Among marketers, such a phrase is used to define a research method, the purpose of which is to study the recognition of a given brand. Brand awareness has gained particular importance in the digital (online) age. Although brand awareness was previously used by large organizations such as McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, thanks to the Internet literally every company can build its recognition. In addition, the approach of customers has changed significantly due to access to virtually any information online. Increasingly, a potential consumer comes into contact with the brand on the shopping path through advertising or SEO. These marketing channels have replaced, above all, television and radio broadcasts, which are now less popular.

How to build brand strength?

Contemporary customers who are satisfied with the product or service are happy to recommend the offer to other users and friends. In this way, the consumer naturally supports brand awareness, building brand strength. Businesses need to realize that more customer touchpoints and messages do not necessarily translate into increased customer impact. Sometimes it is enough to strengthen one element of the marketing strategy to encourage the consumer to take advantage of the offer, additionally supporting brand awareness and brand strength by encouraging the recommendation of services or products. Nowadays, brand attractiveness is modified by the opinions of the community surrounding the client, and these ultimately affect the attitude to the brand of an individual. Many apparently personal decisions are actually made on the basis of the public’s opinion. Brand strength should therefore be built on the basis of positive relations with the community. Ads that are often overlooked by users can be ineffective.

Speaking of brand strength, it is worth explaining what brand recall is. This term is used to describe remembering a given company and associating it with a specific product or service. In this way, the organization can build an advantage over the competition and gain recommendations from the community that will recommend the offer to potential customers. Brand recall helps you attract customers, thereby increasing market share and customer loyalty.

The contemporary shopping path – the 5-Awareness model

Brand awareness is a term closely related to the 5-Awareness (5A) model. This is how the modern shopping path is defined, and its components are:


According to many marketing specialists – including Kotler – the 5A model is an alternative to the somewhat outdated AIDA archetype. It is a tool that can be used in any industry. It allows you to compare different sectors during the customer’s journey, which brings their nature closer. Model 5A is also used to analyze the relationship between the consumer and the company against the competition. According to this archetype, the brand awareness strategy takes place at the beginning of the shopping path (aware). When potential customers recognize a particular brand and associate it with specific values, they will be more likely to take advantage of the offer.

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