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Online Marketing – What Is It?

If you want to reach a wide range of customers, you need to go beyond traditional marketing activities. Leaflets, radio, press, television, outdoor advertising – these are all options that have less and less to do with modern communication of your offer. Why? Because in these channels you do not get the opportunity to target people who may potentially be more interested in buying. So you can spend $ 1,000 on flyers and distribute them to 10,000 people, 100 of whom will return to you. Online marketing, however, allows you to precisely indicate the people who will be reached by the advertisement. Thanks to this, by spending 1000 dollars, you can reach a smaller but more interested group. Let’s say that only 2,000 people will see such an ad, but 150 will become your customers. Online marketing is therefore the first step to wisely invest your advertising resources.

With the spread of the Internet, many customers have moved to the network – including yours. That is why it is worth following the trends, becoming part of the Internet reality. Launching your own website is just the beginning, thanks to which you can reach a wide group of potential customers.

Online marketing, or what?

Online marketing is defined as all activities that support the sale of products / services and help in building the image via the Internet. At the same time, great emphasis is placed on building and maintaining a good brand-consumer relationship. All because the recipient in this case plays a much greater role compared to traditional marketing. The user is not a passive recipient of advertising messages, but has the opportunity to conduct a dialogue with the brand, express his own opinions, etc.

Online Marketing Activities

Online marketing is a very complex issue that involves many different activities. The possibility of implementing a strategy on several levels at the same time can bring much better and faster results.

High positions in search results are desirable to increase brand awareness and generate a lot of traffic on the website. Search engine marketing helps in this, the main element of which is page positioning. Therefore, it is about developing such a strategy, thanks to which the company website will occupy the highest possible positions for specific keywords – those that are most often entered by users who will potentially be interested in purchasing a given product or service.

Google Ads advertising
Google Ads advertising is a way to appear, for example, in paid search results, i.e. those that appear above organic results. This means that the advertising message is displayed to the user after entering a specific phrase. This increases the chance of being clicked and redirected to the website. The advantage of Google Ads is its huge range and high efficiency. Therefore, this option is often used by companies that want immediate results.

Video marketing
It is an internet marketing strategy that aims primarily to build a brand image, strengthen awareness and promote specific products. Various forms of communication can be used in video marketing, e.g. video blogs, webinars, video guides, video reviews. Obviously, advertising on the YouTube platform plays a very important role in this case.

Content marketing
Content marketing should be understood as activities that oscillate around good-quality content. It is about providing useful texts in the form of a blog, sponsored articles, newsletters, e-books, reports, etc. The goals behind content marketing can be different – it can support seo, it can build an expert image or, on the contrary, for example, the image of the brand of a “buddy”. Correctly conducted and consistent activities in the area of content increase brand trust and understanding.

Email Marketing
In this case, e-mail becomes the communication tool. This form of marketing aims to build consumer loyalty, create a specific image of the company and build specific relationships with customers. One of the most frequently used forms of e-mail marketing is the newsletter. It reaches the audience by providing valuable content in an accessible form – so as to encourage clicking and going to the website. Through the newsletter, you can inform about current promotions, new products, industry events, etc. It is very important that the user has the opportunity to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is based on the concept of the dissemination of information by users. Achieving this goal is only possible with valuable content – one that arouses interest. Then it is transferred in the form of shares, e.g. on profiles in social media.

Remarketing is defined as the activity of repeating the advertising message to users who visited specific products or visited the company’s website. This is done using the so-called cookies. In this form, there is great potential, because it allows you to more effectively reach potential customers who were interested in the offer in the past. At the same time, it makes it possible to stand out from the competition.

An element of internet marketing is also the use of the blogosphere. It’s about working with bloggers who can test a given product / service and then write a review. Sometimes the cooperation concerns the placement of advertising banners or texts, etc.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing takes advantage of the fact that most people use smartphones and dedicated applications. It is through them that you can help potential customers make purchasing decisions while tracking their location and preferences. What is it in practice? A person using a smartphone and having data transfer turned on may receive information about discounts, rebates or offers of the day when he passes by your store, restaurant, etc. This type of marketing is highly effective. In addition, the company appears to be modern and following the current trends.

Why is it worth implementing online marketing?

In the era of the widespread use of the Internet and the presence of potential customers on the web, it is worth becoming interested in online marketing. It is a tool that, if used correctly, will bring you a lot of benefits.

A chance to reach a larger group of potential customers
Do you have a small group of regular customers? While this is very good news, you can have many more. Thanks to internet marketing, you will reach new people potentially interested in your products / services. Internet marketing allows you to be where your potential customers are – even when your business is not directly related to online sales. Remember that many users – before making a purchase decision – look for information on the web. So it’s good to strengthen your image.

Attractive cost of the activities carried out
Internet marketing is a much more cost-effective option than many other forms of advertising. This is due to a simple fact: the company can choose from many tools – depending on the budget and the goal to be obtained. It is very often the case that the cost of internet marketing, SEO or social media is much lower compared to traditional marketing because we do not shoot at the barn, but only selected users – selected on the basis of the likelihood of their purchase.

Establishing interaction with customers
Modern customers want to know who is behind the advertising message, they want to have free contact with the company. Internet marketing creates such an opportunity, among others thanks to activities on social networks. Building positive relationships with consumers not only strengthens ties, but above all has a positive effect on trust and loyalty. Pleasant experiences from cooperation – not only at the time of making a purchase – influence purchasing decisions in the future.

Quick performance measurement
You don’t have to wait long to assess the effectiveness of your activities. In the case of internet marketing, you can track the effectiveness of the campaign on an ongoing basis using many useful tools. You can analyze conversions, sales, subscriptions and many other metrics. Thanks to this, you will know which channels to reach network users in order to turn them into real customers.

Reaching out with unobtrusive advertising
Nobody likes to be attacked by direct forms of advertising that clearly solicit a purchase. Internet marketing meets this goal by offering many different methods of reaching recipients – in a completely subtle and natural way. Effect? The chance of making a purchase is much greater. An example is running a blog as part of content marketing. By posting advisory articles with links to specific products / services that solve the problem, you increase the chance of making a purchase. Such an effect would not have been achieved if the advertisement had been placed “directly”.

Who is online marketing for?

A great advantage of internet marketing and at the same time an advantage over traditional marketing is the fact that it is a solution beneficial for every company – regardless of the profile, industry, size, etc.

The fact that marketing activities are carried out online does not mean that the company has to deal with online sales. All you need to do is have a corporate website through which potential customers will be able to reach you and contact you.

Online marketing is so universal that through appropriate activities it will be possible to reach potential customers interested in e.g. construction services, cleaning services, rental of tools, etc.

Where to start?

The starting point for online marketing activities is the website. It is the element that connects the company with potential customers. However, in order for it to be visible, you need to build a range. This is what internet marketing helps with: from positioning to cooperation with the blogosphere.

Remember, however, that you must conduct internet marketing in accordance with your strategy. Random actions will not bring the expected effectiveness. That is why it is worth using the support of specialists who will suggest solutions adequate to the expectations, needs and specificity of the industry.

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